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  • Pastor Brooks Collins, senior Pastor and founder of Christ Centered Fellowship (CCF). Pastor Brooks Collins has been walking with GOD since his youth in Africa up to present.
          Pastor Collins was born and raised in rural Liberia. He accepted the Lord as his personal Savior and was baptized at the age of 21. In 1990, he joined thousands of Liberians who sought refuge in a neighboring country, Ivory Coast. During his 14 years of stay in the refugee camp, he became a pastor, father, and community leader. In 2003, he was blessed to be selected along with other Liberian refugees to be resettled to the United States of America.
           Life was difficult for him and his family when he was living in the camp. There were times when he and his family barely got a full meal, but he patiently waited on the Lord and continued to serve the Lord in obedience to his faith. 

Mother Collins & Pastor Collins


  • In 1997, he was selected to serve as an Assistant Pastor of an independent Baptist church inside the camp, and later became Senior Pastor of that church, after serving as an Assistant Pastor for three years. It was then he realized the need to pursue higher education in academics and in things of God. In an effort to persuade his dream on education, he requested help from an American Baptist Missionary, Reverend Tek York, who was assigned to an English Baptist Church in Ivory Coast.  The missionary arranged a formal, one year pastoral training for him in pastoral leadership and discipleship. He was licensed and ordained after he completed his pastoral training. He was licensed and ordained by a Southern Baptist Convention in 2000. In collaboration with other Baptist missionaries, he began working with refugees in the Ivory Coast.        

Pastor Brooks Collins


  • Upon his arrival in the United States in 2004, he and his family joined Grace Community Church in Auburn, Washington until his active involvement with a Liberian dominant church that he co-founded. In March of 2015, he left because of different biblical beliefs between him and his co-founder; certain beliefs which he believes cannot be compromised. In July of 2015, he and his wife Julia established the Christ Centered Fellowship in Kent, Washington with the help of others who supported his vision for a Christ centered church. He is now the church’s Senior Pastor.       Pastor Collins graduated from Highline Community College in 2008 and later enrolled at Antioch University of Seattle, Washington where he is currently persuading his BA in Leadership and Organizational Studies with emphasis in Psychology. He is a community leader, teacher, counselor, and a father of six children, Alice, Roseline, Faith, Kevin, Jayden, and Jordan. He is a casual and very approachable person, who likes to hear people’s stories and loves to inspire people.