The spiritual leadership of CCF is entrusted to a team of leaders, as described in the Bible as "Elders"; we refer to the group of Elders in our church as The Leadership Team. Christ Centered Fellowship has a leadership structure that is designed to lead this local church, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to bear fruit, prevail, and fulfill its God-given calling under the Great Commission. (Matthew 28:19) Our structure is meant to serve our Mission, Core Values, and vision, eventually.

The Leadership Team consists of 3 - 9 persons, of which no more than two members are employees of the church.  The team will choose a Chair annually. The Leadership Team will guard the vision and direction of the church, particularly in helping to define the core values and purposes, as well as the all-inclusive ministries of Christ Centered Fellowship.


Pastor Brooks Collins - Chairman


Pastor Collins is the Chairman of the leadership team. The Pastor is not only known for sharing the good news of the Gospel, but also an aspirational leader. 

Bro. Charles Kalonji -Co-chairman


Bro. Charles one of the best leaders we have ever had on the leadership team. He brings his great knowledge of business experience to the table during the discussion. 

Sis. Ruth Nken - Member


Sis. Ruth, very energetic and enthusiastic, very open and passionate about the things of our LORD. She humbles herself and treats everyone with great respect as GOD commanded us to do. 

Bro. Augustine Cassell - Member


Bro Cassell brings to the table his wisdom of leadership experience as an adult. Bro. Cassell is very opened-minded and also encourages young people to grow in the things of CHRIST our LORD. 

Sis. Janet G. Kalonji - Member


Sis. Janet, we called her Sister does it all. She is so passionate about CHIRST that she's serving and leading many committees than anyone in the Church. She loves children, she will be the first stop for your kids when you're worshiping with us.

Sis. Eunice Yonly - Secretary


Sis. Eunice, she always feels like she hasn't done enough for CHRIST. She thrives day after day to improve the things of GOD in her life and the lives of others.

Sis. Julia D. Collins - Member


Mother Collins, we called her mother for numerous reasons. She serves as mother to those who need some motherly love. Takes every member of this Church as her family because we're one family in CHRIST. 

Her love for the Church is endless, she prays for every member to emulate our LORD JESUS CHRIST and live a righteous life in CHRIST.