About Us

What Do We Teach?

At CCF, we use both the Old Testament and New Testament as the foundation for our faith and the inspiration for our daily lives. We put those teachings into practice at home, at work, and in our day to day activity.

Our Story

Christ Centered Fellowship church was established on July 26 2015 out of a vision sharing meeting to start a church by Pastor Brooks Collins and his wife Julia Collins at their residence. 

The fourteen attendances agreed to begin worship the following Sunday. Each attendance decided to spread the word to their family members and friends. The name Christ Centered Fellowship was finally chosen among other names, the group believed this name seemed to best defined the purpose of the church.

 The group delegated a few people (including the pastor) to search for space for worship while still using the pastor's home as a place to meet. One month later the newly established church was able to get a space with Kent Covenant Church in September. Since July of 2015 to present, CCF has experience a tremendous spiritual growth in attendance and continues to be a blessing to both saved and lost so

Our Core Value

Core Value
CHRIST CENTERED: Jesus is our focus
WE ARE FAMILY: Committed to one another
ALL ARE ONE IN JESUS: We value diversity and embrace people from all backgrounds
MAKING DISCIPLES: We are committed to the lord’s Great Commission.

A place where unconditional love changes lives Please Meet Our Praise Team at CCF

Matthew 24:4 Watch out that no one deceives you, our LORD is coming soon.